ipod Touch/iPhone Apps

Here is a list of some of the apps I have on two ipod Touches that I'll be using with my students. I may end up using my personal one as well so we can use them with partners. Most of these are free or possibly .99 or $1.99. I hope to be adding more in the near future. If you have a favorite app for young readers please let me know and I'll check it out and add it to the list.

Word Magic (0.99)
Practice beginning, medial and ending sounds.

iQuestion (Lite)
Enter student’s name. Select type of question-what, where, why, why, random and level 1-3. Questions are read to student but not answers. Can view stats-how many attempts to answer questions correctly. Can only see stats for 1 student. If you give each student a different type of question to answer could make it work for sharing in 1 class period. Then need to reset stats.

Pocket Phonics-ABC
Say and trace letters sounds. Sounds are in groups of 6. Includes digraphs, vowel combinations. After practicing it has the child write a word using one letter sound at a time. No statistics to view.

Animal Match
Memory game with 4 levels of play very easy to hard.

Early Reader
4 categories-Phonics, Sight Words, Sounding Out, and Sentences. Each category has 4 sets.
Phonics set 1-a-j set 2 K-R set 3 S-Z plus vowel combinations set 4 more vowel combinations and th, ch, and sh-just says letter sounds
Sight Words sets shows and says a word, no pics.
Sounding Out-set 1 & 2 mostly 3 letter word cvc sets 3 & 4 use vowel combinations and digraphs.
Sentences-simple sentences, British accent, not fluent examples-very word by word.

Shape Builder
Similar to tangrams. Place colored shaped on an outline. Some make letters others common objects. Says and shows name when finished.

iKnow Phonics-ABCs
Add name and then choose from one of three activities-word builder, word match or word search. All activities should be renamed letter instead of word, in my opinion.
Word Builder-tap a letter and you see a sentence featuring words beginning with that sound-however it does not read the sentence and it would be difficult for beginning readers to read the sentence even with the picture clues.
Word Match-match lower case letter to capital letter-if correct same type of sentences pop up as in word builder. When finished it doesn’t automatically go on to next level. You have to go back and click the activity again.
Word Search-Search for a letter of the alphabet. When all are found same picture and sentence pop up. Like word match doesn’t automatically go on to next letter.

This is really a letter app not a word app.

The Monkeys that Tried to Catch the Moon
Free version just has the start of the story. Cute illustrations and interesting reading voice. I would buy full version.

I Write Words (Lite)
Choose to write letters or simple cvc words. Only a few words. Says letter names not sounds. Good for kdg. Not sure if writing matches Handwriting without Tears.

Smelly Sprout (Lite)
Read aloud or read yourself. Good reading voice, only part of story for lite version. Could have kids write their own ending. I’m personally not thrilled with illustrations of the people.

My Paint Free-use finger to draw a picture.

Flip Book Lite-maybe have kids write one letter on a page to spell a word and then draw a picture of it. I need more time to play with this app.