Most of the first graders have been working with the book Elephants by Helen Depree. First, we listened to the story Elmer The Patchwork Elephant on Signed Stories. As we listened we made some predictions and we noticed the expression in the reader's voice. Next, we filled in a graphic organizer with facts we already knew about elephants. After reading the book we worked on identifying short and long a words and then filled in another organizer with what we learned about elephants from reading the book. The children had fun drawing a picture of an elephant using the program Pixie2. The next step was to practice taking the information from the second organizer and reading it in sentences. I provided a sentence frame to help them out. Once they thought they could read it smoothly and with expression they recorded themselves right in Pixie2. If they didn't like the way it sounded they were free to erase it and try again. Here are their pictures and recordings. Enjoy!

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I had bought some Model Magic for the second graders. I had quite a bit left over so I had the first graders make elephants.