Name of App
Using I and Me
I or Me
add players, can stop and continue game. Click on 1st word and it reads sentence and choices to student. I don't care for some of the illustrations.
Language Adventures 1-3

by Lakeshore
1-3 and 4-6
1-3 and 4-6 pick 4 categories and up to 4 teams. Plays in a jeopardy format.
Grammar Wonderland by Mcgraw Hill
nouns, verbs, adjectives
Primary and Intermediate
2 apps practice nouns, verbs, adjectives one for primary-it says find the noun that shows a person kids swim in ocean. 3 levels upper level games kids will like flying
Words to Learn By
Vocabulary, Snyonyms
might be good vocab practice for 5th. Flashcards, fill in the blank 3 choices, timed quiz for synonyms
Sentence Maker
Sentence Order
choose from 2 word phrases to 5 word sentences.
Word Adventure
Parts of Speech
3 stories to choose Mad-Libs good practice for parts of speech
Picture Sentence HD
Listening, pronouns, adjectivies
good for listening skills. It reads a sentence-choose between pronouns or adjectives. then it waits-wait time can be adjusted. Then child selects the correct picture from 5 choices. Child can also have visual clues while sentence is read. Tracking is an option. In the free version 3 students can be tracked.