The second graders read a book about hibernation in February. Before beginning the book we activated prior knowledge by discussing the chapter titles: What is hibernation? Who hibernates? How do they stay alive? and Where do animals hibernate? As we read each chapter we filled in a graphic organizer and worked on taking notes. Once we completed the book we used the computer program Pixie2 and wrote a paragraph about hibernation using our notes from the graphic organizer. We worked on turning the questions around write our sentences. Once the paragraph was complete the children added graphics and practiced reading the paragraph fluently. Once the children thought they were ready to read fluently they recorded themselves and they were able to delete and record until they were happy with the final recording.

I tried to put all the reports into one slide show but the file was too large to post here so I ended up posting each one separately. Click on the link below to see and listen to our reports about hibernation.

Cameron, Diana, Hunter, Misha, Sawyer

Emily, Megan, Shaylee, Susan

Angel, Jon, Josh, Olivia

George, Hanna, Jenaro, Jordyn, Seth