Using Poetry to Increase Fluency

Each week the children are working on a new poem. We read it each day and by Friday the goal is to have everyone reading it fluently. The poem then goes home and the children try to collect as many Lucky Listener signatures as they can. At some point on Friday one or more children will be recorded reading the poem in a fluent manner.

Please take a moment to enjoy listening to our poems.

First Grade

Second Grade

A Little Brown Toad by Jack Prelutsky
Read by Natasha

In a Winter Meadow by Jack Prelutsky
Read by Jordyn

Baby in a High Chair by Jack Prelutsky
Read by Valentino

Fort Myers by Jack Prelutsky
Read by Sawyer & Hunter

One Stuck Duck
Read by Elise

Love of the Race by Miss Blessing
Read by Susan

Read by Josh

Anteater by Betsy Lewin
Read by Adrianna
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Always be Kind to Animals by John Gardner
Read by Shaylee

Read by Emily
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Clouds by Paul Paolilli and Dan Brewer
Read byCadence
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The Dogs by Marcia C
Read by Diana

Read by George

Ode to Spring by Walter Brooks
Read by
Pussy Willows by Aileen Fisher
Read by Olivia

Easter Bunny
Read by Jonas

Baby Chick by Aileen Fisher
Read by Jon